Audits & Consulting

Steam & Condensate System Audits

A facility can’t truly optimize its steam system without first understanding the current operational and financial performance in detail. Steam Solutions can perform a comprehensive plant-wide steam and condensate system audit that benchmarks performance and presents options to improve energy utilization, reduce heat loss, lower operating costs and maximize process throughput.

Comprehensive Consideration

Our proven steam system auditing process and focused specialists leave no opportunity for improvement uncovered. The process includes an extensive site visit by a Steam Solutions engineering team, advanced field measurements and observations, steam flow and condensing-rate modeling, equipment specification development, line variable observations and a comprehensive steam trap survey.

Our team then prepares an objective comprehensive report covering key performance metrics, opportunity costs and a detailed proposal of recommendations for system improvement. This would include a line-by-line scope of improvements, repairs, additions and modifications needed to optimize the system for maximum ROI.

Transformative Impact

From simple repairs and replacements to rethinking steam allocation, deploying a software-based predictive maintenance tool or simply replacing failed or failing components—these audits serve as a roadmap to optimized efficiency. Because their guidance inevitably leads to millions of dollars in annual savings and improved system production, these audits pay for themselves quickly—identifying and quantifying needed areas of improvement.

  • Benchmark system performance
  • Identify problem areas system-wide
  • Document energy savings opportunities
  • Identify equipment mistakenly placed out-of-service
  • Enhance process efficiency/productivity
  • Improve system reliability
  • Lower operating costs