Specialty Services

  • Quality Inspection Services: NDE, NACE, Internal/External Dryer Inspections, Welding Inspections, Electrical System Analysis, Video Borescope Inspections
  • Safety & Quality Inspection Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Surveys: Vibration Analysis, Seal Wear Analysis, Steam Trap Surveys, Air Leak, and Air/Gas/Vacuum Leak
  • Steam Coil Installation and Repairs
  • Thermocompressor Sizing, Design, and Modifications/Repairs
  • Heat Exchanger Rebuilds: Repair, Cleaning, and Replacing Gaskets. Leak Detection for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers.
  • Pump Rebuilds and Repairs: Pump/Motor Installation and Alignment, Bearing Inspections and Replacements, Gear Inspections and Replacements, and Roll Removal and Inspection