Specialized Steam Insights

Practical understanding of a facility’s steam system is an engineering and operational discipline that’s often overlooked. But for more than 90 years, Steam Solutions has acquired steam trap, valve, boiler, piping, heat tracing, condensate recovery, HVAC, hot water, instrumentation and other insights through real-world field experience. And we want to share that knowledge with today’s operators. 

A Steam Training Leader

We offer one of the most respected programs in commercial and industrial steam training—with more than 1,800 engineers and maintenance personnel attending each year. In fact, many of the industry’s most demanding facilities require ALL new operators and engineers to attend our steam system courses as required training.

Our training programs cover not only fundamentals such as steam system design, steam trap surveys and maintenance but also advanced troubleshooting that can keep your facility’s system at peak performance. All taught in a state-of-the-art classroom.

Steam Training Facilities

Steam Solutions’ advanced training centers feature special glass components that make understanding how these systems work simple and intuitive. Our standard curriculum has been refined for generations, and we can customize courses for the needs of your specific team.

  • Steam system fundamentals
  • Component sizing and specification
  • Advanced system troubleshooting
  • Heat tracing best practices
  • Responsible maintenance and repairs
  • Maintenance program development
  • Installation practices and pitfalls
  • Heat exchanger optimization